DNA Paternity Lab Test (Legally Defensible)

Product Description

DNA Paternity Lab Test (Legally Defensible)

Our DNA testing is done at an certified laboratory and collected by a certified professional. 

How it works 

This test requires a sample from the alleged father and from the child or children. All parties will need to have a Social Security Form, birth certificate or picture ID. 

Paternity test is collected using oral fluid swabs in a certified collection site. The sample is tested at a certifiied lab.  This renders the results to be defensible in court and 99.0% accurate. The samples can be collected at different collection sites for each party for convenience by letting us know in advance. Example: If a dad is in Los Angeles, and the baby is in New York, we can have both tested and paired at the lab, with final results reported to multiple parties ( judges, attorneys, guardians).

Second or Third Donor 

All donors can be tested be tested in the same location, but if the situation is needed to be tested at various times and different locations.


  • Easily collected – non-intrusive
  • Not vulnerable to subversion – collected under observation of tester
  • Very accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Fast, painless, and flexible to other donors
  • Over 10,000 Certified collection sites


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