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Workers Comp Discount Program

Workers Compensation Drug Testing Discount Program

Drug Free Workplace Laws

Did you know that 26 states have laws that give up to 10% discount off your expensive insurance premiums? These laws were passed by state goverments over the past 22 years and we have helped employers implement programs that follow the rules and provide the paper work that is necessary for this yearly discount to coincide with your drug testing program. Many employers do not know how to take advantage of these laws or have no idea it exists.

Workers Comp Drug Free Workplace Rules

Let us help you sign up for a program within your state, and follow the rules.  First, pay the administration fee and complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to the state WC office. Company policies are available for new programs.

The detail of these programs are as follows:  

  • 5 to 10 panel lab test that goes to a SAMHSA certified Lab - No rapid kits, hair, or saliva are allowed.  
  • Certified collection personnel using a chain of custody form, split vial collection cup, bar codes (in-house or third party) 
  • Pre-employement, random, for cause, post accident, and reasonable suspicion all have to be in place
  • Yearly statistical report directly from the SAMHSA lab each year showing number of each test category. 
  • Medical Review Officer for all positive samples and verification of prescription meds
  • SAMHSA lab certification and AAMRO certificate numbers presented to Workers Compensation commission. 

The programs are designed to copy the Department of Transportation CFR part 40 Regulations.  

Drug Free Work Place Acts

The benefits of state drug testing programs can be enough to pay for your entire program alone. This was the point when legislatures decided to address drug testing in the work place. Employers are finding it ever harder to hire drug free employees while positive rates have skyrocketed. Workers Comp Commissions around the country encourage you to use a company that follows the rules to keep you in compliance.

Workers Comp Drug Free State Laws

Hair, saliva, and rapid kits will NOT be accepted, nor will programs that do not have a random program in place that is quarterly at the minimum. The state Workers Compensation Commission uses the lab's stat report as their weapon on finding out if you are following these rules. This is how they know exactly how many pre-employment, post accident, random, and reasonable suspicion tests are performed each year. Do it right or they will cancel your discount and maybe fine you for falsifying documents that you have submited for the program.

Join Today

It is easy to join by paying the joining fee of $299 and completing the contact form.  You will receive the application from your home state and every state you have employees.  Once all the paper work is in place, your company policy will be reviewed, written, or updated based $599 or less.

  • Certified collection sites will be established using your current sites or new ones
  • Pre printed chain of custody forms will be ordered from the SAMHSA lab, with cups, and Fed Ex shipping supplies
  • MRO will be set up to recieve your results from the lab on positives
  • Reporting will be set up for all your locations direct from the lab for negatives and MRO review for positives samples. 
  • Random selectionlList will be gathered via excel spread sheet each quarter for updates
  • Stat Reports will be ordered at the end of the year


If you need more information or have questions, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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