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Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks and Screening

Most property managers now do a full background screen on anyone they rent to.  This includes  a house, condo, apartment, commercial property, or other.  Many property managers call this an administration fee that includes a criminal record, employment verification, motor vehicle, credit check, or more.

Our "tenant ok " platform allows renters a way to buy a screen and turn it in to the future landlord.  This can save you money and the property management company can just point you to our site.  We will happily report the results to multiple landlords on your behalf so you are only going throught this cost once. 

Pay now and we will send you log in information once payment is complete.

Property Management Tenant Screening

If you are a Property Management company, our comprehensive tenant screening saves you time, money and guess work—all while protecting your property. It's essential for landlords and property managers to conduct a tenant background check for prospective tenants. Finding the best and most qualified tenants has never been easier with comprehensive screening that protects your properties.

Eviction History

Receive detailed information about previous evictions from prospective tenants.

Tenant Credit Report

Tenant credit report data is an effective starting point when screening a tenant application. Includes: FICO Credit Score Payment Patterns and Payment History Public Record Search (tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments) UD/ Skip Collection Accounts

Criminal & Sex Offender Search

Sex offender searches can be done on both a national and a state level. When searching on a national level, it will search registries in all states, as well as U.S. Territories. When searching on a state level, it will search only the registry in the applicant’s state of residence.


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