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School Drug Testing

School Drug Testing Programs

For over 20 years, ESM has randomly tested students and bus drivers in public and private schools for drugs and alcohol nationwide. We help develop school policies, meet with administrators, board members, and deisgn programs that save lives. Our children are so vulnerable to peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Plus, they have access to very dangerous drugs from hundreds of prescription medications, heroin, marijuana, acid, xanax, adderall, cough syrup, steroids, alcohol, and more. Unfortunately, we have more suicides, overdoses, and crime in our communities than ever. Our program has proven year over year to give kids a reason to say NO. Thousands of schools natiowide have a program, while others do not. Please call our references and hear why our programs work.

Random Drug Test Selection

Our program uses a software that is a true unbiased third party software called the Randomizer to select students and bus drivers to be tested. No coach, teacher, or administrator can be accused of being biased on a certain donor. However, if a student shows signs of drug use, YES, you can test that person under Reasonable Suspicion guidelines, just like a bus driver. We train you how to do this. The goal is to save lives and change lives. We have schools in very small towns to big cities. Schools test weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Tests are performed on the whole school, by sports, or includes kids that drive to school. This is based on the Supreme Court's ruling over 20 years ago. Let us help you implement a program, or better, a current program to STOP the spread of drugs and alcohol in your school. We recommend that students that fail are given a second chance the next month to be clean, and then the next month. Keep them clean the entire time they are in school so they see the difference. The money spent on our program is more important than anything in the schools budget. We will do whatever is needed to make sure your school can afford some type of program with our company.

Onsite Collection

A certified collector can be a school nurse, coach, administrator, or third party. The testing is done right at the school on preplanned dates using restrooms at the school, gym, or bus barn. All tests are collected using DOT certified collection procedures that includes:

  • Train the nurse and administration
  • Chain of custody form with bar codes 
  • 10 panel test device
  • Collection cup with temperature strip
  • Samples are sealed, and initaled by the donor
  • Shipped via Federal Express for fast turnaround time
  • All results are reviewed by certified toxicogist, and reported to administration
  • Department of Transporation guidelines are followed to keep your school in compliance. 

Medical Reviewed Results

All positive test results that come from our SAMSHA certified lab are considered 100% accurate and defensible in court. We add the additional step of protection by having our AAMRO certified physician with over 29 years of experience review all positive results. Each donor is given 72 hours to produce any prescription drugs from a doctor or pharmacy before a final result is reported back to the school. Many schools have this on file, and this helps speed up the process. This step takes the school out of discussing medical information with donors at all.

Ready to Order or Buy & Schedule a School Random Drug Test?

To order and schedule a random school drug test, just fill-out the form below, attach your student list and or bus drivers list in an excel format (csv) and click submit. The list must include the full name in one column, and a number in the second column, for example: student ID # or employee ID #, or last four of SSN. We will email your random selection list and schedule your testing. You will then be contacted by our staff and they will issue you a login URL and a username & password to review the testing dates, times and locations.


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Need more information about our school drug testing programs?  

Please submit the contact form below that tells us about your school so we can customize a program to fit your needs or bid on your current program. We know we can save you valuable time by using your trained school nurse for students and bus drivers compared to a local clinic or third party. A successful program has to stay consistent, relevant, and up to date on drug trends. If you want to buy test kits for your school to use, please buy now or let us know a volume request by calling 888.371.4614. All our tests come with approved rapid kits, all positives are confirmed with SAMHSA lab GCMS confirmation, and reviewed by a certified medical review officer before they are reported back to the school.  Please include parent/guardian phone number on the chain of custody form and they will be contacted to confirm prescription drugs or it can be provided by the school nurse. Once this process is complete, a final report will be sent to the school contact.


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ESM is your "One Source Provider" for all your screening needs nationwide. "Affordable" "Fast" "Accurate" Over 20 years in business. Call today 888-371-4615