Probation Travel Drug & Alcohol Testing Centers

Are you on probation in one state and want to travel to see family, vacation, college, business? 

Do you have to call a 800 phone number everyday to see if your color or number has come up for a drug or alcohol test?

How will you get a drug test done in the zip code you are visiting a certain area?

What are the consequences if you miss a test? Probably prison or a major set back in your program.

Join our network for $99.00 a year and know you have access to testing nationwide. 

What's Included:

  • Schedule and pay for a test at one of our 8,000 plus collection sites within hours right here on our site 24/7
  • Send notification to the clinic and probation officer that you are scheduled for a test
  • 10 panel Samhsa Certified urine test with alcohol, hair, and/or ETG alcohol test
  • Send you a confirmation of test taken and copyto your probation officer (they like that a lot)
  • Copy the judge, your attorney, and probation officer on final results
  • Send you a copy of your proof of payment

Last, give you peace of mind when you travel on probation nationwide. 



Not Ready to buy & schedule a test? If you need more information or have questions, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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