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Personal Background Checks

Personal Background Checks

Check Your Own Background

Have you ever wondered what would come up on your criminal record? Everyone knows how messed up their credit report can be, right? Guess what, it can be worse when it comes to a criminal record, motor vehicle registration, or sex offender. Do you have any idea of what would come up on a social security trace of yourself? There is a huge difference between your bad credit report and your criminal report: you could be arrested and taken to jail right on the spot, with questions asked later. Imagine, you get pulled over in the middle of nowhere. For years, we have heard horrible stories based on criminal record reports that were inaccurate, and the police or employer completely have the wrong person, as this information is very skewed to say the least

Criminal And Driving Records

There are close to 400 million peope in the US at any given time. Over 88 million or more criminal records on people. A simple matching name, birthday, city, and other factors can pull up your name. You may not be able to drive, go to your kids school, get a job, or worse go to jail until it is figured out. Why wait to clean it up until that horrible date? Our company is a real background screening company, not some internet search database like many others that sell junk reports. Our company sells you the real search for national criminal felony, statewide, errorist watch list, and counties search that come up on your social security trace. You will recieve the same report we sell to a bank, trucking company, and law inforcement.

Check Identity Fraud

Databases are constantly changing, information could be entered wrong at the state, county or federal level. Look at the identity fraud we have going on in this country right now. Your identity could be used in a crime and you have no idea as the person never comes to court. It happens every day to someone. Get the report and fix your report for your own safety. Do Not get caught in this awful situation. This report is very important as it is your true identity.

Prevent False Deportation

People of all nationalities are deported, separated from family, and incarcerated each day based on bad information. People that are American citizens. Do not let this happen to someone your know and love. This is the number one way to prove your identity and not rely on outdated and inaccuate databases. How Can you find out if you have a deportation order? You can buy an online personal background Check and get the results back accurate and fast.

Prevent False Imprisonment

Unfortunately, we do not get to prove our innocence until after we post bail, get out of jail, and call an attorney. Many times you wait to see a judge a week later. Do not expect an apology or a gift basket for your false imprisonment either.

Ready to Buy & Schedule a Personal Background Check?

To Buy and Schedule a Personal Background Check, select the type of test from the list below. Next select the quantity and add it to the shopping Cart. Proceed to the check-out process and pay for your selected background check package. The application will ask a few questions about the testing location and what email address to send the results to. The system will auto-generate an email with the details and receipt. You will then be contacted by our staff and they will issue you a login URL and a username & password to review the testing date, time and location.    


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