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There are many reasons a person may need a paternity test.  It is very important to understand that the sample from the donor is collected by a certified professional and tested by a certified lab.  Here are few reasons that you may need our tests: 

  • Paternity test for a court case?  
  • Child support?  
  • Just want to know for personal knowledge?
  • Inheritance of a brother, sister, mother, father?

The Only Home Certified Paternity Lab Test

Many of our customers buy a test kit that they prefer to send to their home.  They obviously have doubts about paternity of their children or one child. Paternity testing is a very reliable way to establish child custody, child support, visitation, and DNA. 

Collected by a Certified Professional

Most courts around the country use paternity testing to establish custody or child support.  Many courts just leave this process up to the donors.  We are here to help donors in this sensitive situation get the sample collected from the donors, which 95% of the time involves a small child or children.  This test must be collected by a certified professional.  The upmost respect and kindness is given to the child, the mother, and the father.  The samples are collected in a professional clinical setting using our easy to use Oral Fluid Collection Swabs, Chain of Custody Forms, Bar Codes, and step by step collection procedures.   

All you have to do is pay for the type of test you want to buy  legal or non legal).  Give us the zip code of both donors being tested (two locations is fine).  The tests are scheduled with one or more certified collection sites.  Please enter the email of the courts, attorneys, or third parties for reporting of results.  The samples are collected and tested at the lab with turnaound time of 3 to 5 days (weekends do not count). Be patient, and results will report when complete. 

Fast, Accurate Results

All test results are available within 72 hours from collection with our secure electronic reporting platform. Reports can be sent to multiple people at the same time such as judges, attorneys, parents, and donors.

Multiple Donor Collection Options

Multiple Donor Collection Options Donor samples can be collected in two separate locations and paired together at the lab for convenience. (Example: Dads in New York-Baby's in Orlando) There is a separate $85 collection fee for using the second clinic.

Ready to Buy or Order & Schedule a DNA Paternity Test?

To Order or Buy and Schedule an DNA Paternity Test, select from options below. If you are not ready to Buy or Order, select option 3 for request more information. 

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You will then be contacted by our staff to setup your account and schedule your test. They will also issue and send you a login URL with a username & password so you can review test dates, times and locations.


Paternity DNA Testing Products List
DNA Paternity Lab Test (Legally Defensible) $599.00
DNA Paternity Test Home Kit $399.00


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