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Parents Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing For Parents

Did you know you can "Save your Kid's Life" by providing drug, alcohol & nicotine testing at your home?

Our kids are dying at an alarming rate by Opiates, Cocaine, Meth, Ecstasy, Mollies, Beans, Heroin, Adderall and many, many other drugs. We are in an epdemic state right now with suicides, overdoses based on prescription drugs and illegal drugs combined with alcohol. Education does NOT work obviously, and counseling would agree. Help save your kids or a loved one, brother, sister, mom , and/or dad by requiring REGULAR drug /alcohol tesing program on a regular basis before it is too late!

100% Accurate Results

Sign an agreement with your loved one to test once a week to get started, and show them this is important to you because you Love them! Kids WANT to be tested, just to prove they are clean and strengthen the relationship with their parents or guardian. They are crying for help, and we have the answer that is a 100% Accurate SAMHSA Lab test reported to you and the donor. If a kid is positive, look at it as a start to sobriety. It's NOT the end of the world, relax, and keep things real by encouraging them to pass the next test and reward them. Look at the nanogram levels to see if the results are going down or up weekly.

Teenage Alcohol Testing

ETG alcohol tests and nicotine tests

Our kids are NOT old enough to drink or smoke/vape. Alcohol is on every corner, easy to get, and prescription pills are on the shelf of EVERY household in the country times ten. Kids are very smart; they take a few pills out of every bottle, at every house, so they are not noticed, sell it at school or just give them away for fun. These pills are killing kids nationwide every day. They are taking cough syrup and mixing it with cokes and drinking it to get high, which affects the central nervous system.

Teenage Opioid Testing

Prescription Pills and Opiate addiction is out of control

Over 70,200 people died of overdose in 2017 according to the CDC. This is a two fold increase from a decade ago. Nothing seems to slow down the numbers. Can you imagine if this many people died in our country because of some terrorist attack what our country would do to stop it? Instead, we just put more drugs on the streets. Adderal, Xanax, Opiates, Barbs, and Meth is still made in small town America. All these drugs combined with alcohol, is a death sentence for the ones we love the most. Save them NOW, by putting them on a regular testing program before it is too late.

10 panel SAMHSA Lab Tests Cover 100's of Drugs

Do NOT use the rapid kits you see at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Abbott Online, unless they include the GCMS Confirmation. Get our 100% accurarte SAMHSA lab test with quantitative results and nanogram levels, that are reviewed by our doctors. We strongly recommend buying the tests that combines all three tests for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.

  1. Certified Collection Site Tests. Schedule a test at one of our collections sites nationwide.
  2. Home Tests, 100% accurate SAMHSA Lab Tests sent to your home in total confidence.

Ready to Buy & Schedule a Drug Test for your Kids?

To Buy and Schedule a Drug or Alcohol Test for your kids, select the type of test from the list below. Next select the quantity and add it to the shopping Cart. Proceed to the check-out process and pay for your selected test package. The application will ask a few questions about the testing location and what email address to send the results to. The system will auto-generate an email with the details and receipt. You will then be contacted by our staff and they will issue you a login URL and a username & password to review the testing date, time and location.    


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