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Employee Background Checks

Did you know that over 60% of all job applicants falsify their resume, appearance, educations or more? That is not against the law. What happens? Employer hires the wrong person 60% of the time that in the end is not qualified, not reliable or worse. This one bad hire costs employers profits, lost wages, and much trouble. At the current 3.2% unemployement rate, most employers are seeing a huge spike in fraudulent job applications.

Did you know there are over 88 Million people and growing daily with criminal records. Work place violence, crime, theft, and serious criminal activity are in our workforce. Employers are having a very hard time finding employees to work at all, so they are skipping the background screen and hiring them. This puts every one of your employees in serious danger in many ways from sexual sssault, drug dealers, rape, theft, sex offenders, domestic violence, and much more. Most employees depend on you to keep them safe at work by screening everyone that works for the company before and after they are hired by the company.

Human Resources Is the First Line of Defense

Your entire workforce and their families counts on you for safety at work every single day. The duty of Human Resources (HR) has been upgraded to the person responsible for keeping current employees safe, not the security officer. The job of Human Resources is the most important job in the company. Many times the HR manager is fooled by the persons personality, appearance, and postive energy. Of course new empoyees and others are great at the act. Do you know how many times our HR managers have hired the person with the criminal record and the person without the criminal record just walked out the door? Or the person who was qualified walked out the door and the person with a 100% falsified resume got the job? Stop making bad and sometimes dangerous hiring decisions without screening and realize how important this is to your company.

Re-Screen Employees Every Six Months

Did you know you can go back and screen CURRENT Employees? Guess what, you may be surprised by the kinds of serious trouble they have encountered. Who is committing serious crimes everyday? Employees that work for your company or subcontractor are the two groups that need to be screened on a regular basis. Just watch the news every night. Serious crimes that take place every single day such as domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, gun charges, sex offenders, drug sales and more. Employers have no idea at times. Everyone has to work and the employer never knows of their personal problems. We have countless records of employees commiting crimes from nurses who have stolen drugs from patients, sex offenders in our schools, daycares, theft, and yes, people who have robbed a bank over lunch.

The last person to find out is the owner of the company or the person in HR. You owe it to your employees to keep them safe at all times. All you have to do is download a complete list of employees and let us run a quick and easy search on a regular basis (monthly/quarterly). Just because you screened them when they started work does not mean they have not committed many crimes while working for your company. Stop crime before it walks back in your doors.

Screen Subcontractors

Did you know that a large percentage of criminals immediately get out of prison for serious crimes and go to work for a subcontractor that is walking right in your business or mowing your grass on the outside of your business. They are immediatley looking for ways to break in the building, steal supplies, or worse. The person is someone you know nothing about walking around your hallways right now. Your sub contract did NOT screen them at all or lied to you and said they did. Screening your employees is not enough.

Request all subcontractors come through ESM, and allow us to send all reports to you. Our program can be implemented nationwide at all your locations. Fast, accurate, affordable, and on your phone. If you see a subcontractor that you do not have a report on, enter it right on the spot, and call your subcontractor. Criminals are in your office every single day and you have no idea. Do not let a serious crime take place in your business or harm an employee because your subcontractor hired his brother in law out of prison without your knowledge. A meth addict, a thief, opiate addict, or good friend of the family, could be the person who put your entire company in financial ruins, make liability insurance go through the roof, shatter your reputation, and put innocent people in danger.

Smartphone Reporting

Fast Customized Reports on Your Smartphone If you have not evaluated your current hiring process, let ESM come in and show you how to best protect your company and hire the best employees in a timely manner. ESM offers a variety of employee background checks that are fast, affordable, accurate, and convenient. After all, you understandably want to hire someone you feel you can trust. Moreover, you don't won't to be held liable if a new hire with a criminal history injures someone or damages company property. At ESM, we guarantee discrete and reliable legal compliance, easy setup and fast turnaround times, and accurate comprehensive results for background screenings. If you want to set up billing or dive right in to give us a try, great.  We are happy to customize a program to fit your needs on a local or national level.  If you have questions, please call 888-371-4615    

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