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DOT Physicals / Medical Cards

DOT Physicals & Medical Cards

All DOT drivers are required to have a yearly physical. This is very important and carefully monitored by auditors nationwide. A medical card has to be updated during a physical by a certified physician. Unfortunately, many drivers and employers wait until the last minute and put unhealthy employees on our roads. This is very dangerous as there has been many fatal accidents that are related to the health of the driver. This is a very important part of screening employee drivers before they are allowed to operate a 26,000 pound vehicle on our highways. A driver's health can change over time. Safety managers are given the very important task of maintaining accurate and up to date medical cards or a driver is not allowed to drive at all. There may be other jobs within the company if a driver has to be pulled from the road based on his physical results. Please make sure your drivers are able to pass this important DOT Physical before they drive for your company.

DO NOT cut corners! As it is very important to your company, public safety, and the career of the driver.

Schedule a DOT Physical

At ESM, we are able to schedule DOT Physicals for drivers nationwide in a timely manner. Our 20 year relationship with 8,000 plus occupational health clinics and physicians allows you (or us) to schedule the exam with the physcian, and send a notification to the driver of his exam time and date. Yes, right to the drivers cell phone, with directions and hours of operation. Let us load all your drivers' medical card dates in our DOT Physical database and their expiration dates. They will be notified within 60 days of expiration and sheduled for an exam at the most convenient location which is determined by zip code while on the road or close to home. By allowing ESM to manage your DOT physicals you can rest assure that you are in compliance. We are well ahead of the game, and know that if a driver refuses to show up for the exam or cooperate in the process, your company will be notified to take them off the road well before the expiration of his medical card.

Did you know that ESM can schedule DOT Physicals and Drug and Alcohol testing ONSITE?

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National DOT Medical Network

Our vast collection of over 8,000 medical clinics nationwide has evolved over 20 years and is constantly changing with updates. Occupational clinics with great hours of operation such as Monday to Friday, and even Saturday with hours of 8 am to 8 pm are our favorite. Clinic such as Concentra, US Healthworks, Care Now, MedExpress, Chiropractors, and physicians play an important roll in this process every day. As a 20 year Third Party Administrator (TPA), we have found that our relationship with our clinic network for physicals, drug, alcohol, and blood work is the most important relationship in our entire company. These clinics prefer our easy to read instructions, professionalism, and most of all to get paid on time for their services.

DOT Medical Card Accuracy

As mentioned, do not get caught with employees without an updated DOT medical card. The fines can be substancial and there is nothing like a driver being removed from the road and the cost associated with getting the company vehicle. Many of our customers spend lots of man hours trying to do this in house and count on untrained employees to find clinics, call drivers, or schedule tests that never take place. They do not have the knowledge of what needs to be done during the medical exam nor are they set up for payment. Many times they have no idea if the donor came to the clinic at all. Let ESM take away this timely process that can leave your company in jeopardy of fines, or a serious accident from an unqualified driver.

Don't Let Your DOT Medical Card Expire

If you want us to handle all your DOT Physicals /medical card requirements nationwide, give us a call. If you are an owner operator and need this test done today, pay now, put in your zip code, name, address, and reporting information and it will be scheduled. As mentioned over and over, do NOT let your medical card expire and get behind the wheel. The responsibility lies with the employer, as well as the driver. At ESM, we are 100% dedicated to helping all employers maintain an employee that is physically fit to perform their job. There is no excuse for putting an employee to work who has not had an exam. If you have any questions or need to set up a billable account, do not hesitate to call us at 888.371.4615. Please do not miss your appointment! A missed appointment can result in a rescheduling fee.

Ready to Buy & Schedule a DOT Physical or Medical Card?

To Buy and Schedule a DOT Physical or Medical Card, select the type of service from the list below. Next select the quantity and add it to the shopping Cart. Proceed to the check-out process and pay for your selected package. The application will ask a few questions about the testing location and what email address to send the results to. The system will auto-generate an email with the details and receipt. You will then be contacted by our staff and they will issue you a login URL and a username & password to review the testing date, time and location.    


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