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Court Ordered / Attorney Testing

Court Ordered & Attorney Test

Attorneys, judges, courts, DHS, parents, drug courts, rehabs, half way homes, and more can use our platform to order the type of tests needed (hair, urine, saliva, alcohol, paternity).Get your results fast, accurate, and paid for by the donors or others. Just give them this email. We can copy all results to the right parties in 18 to 72 hours. If donor does not pay and order the tests as directed, a no show report will be generated for the parties and reported fast to all parties in the case. All can be paid for right now by the plaintiff or accused. If a parent fails a court ordered attorney testing, usually the outcome is he or she loses custody or visitation rights, at least on a temporary basis until the individual can prove to the court that they have overcome the problem.


  • Hair Follicle Tests: 90 day, 180 day, or 1 year. All tests include Expanded Opiate Panel, and illegal drugs.
  • 10 Panel (covers 100's of drugs) SAMHSA Lab Urine Test, Chain of Custody form, confirmed by GCMS Confirmation, and reviewed AAMRO Physician.
  • ETG Alcohol Test with an 80 hour window of detection. This test is used by courts 4 or 5 times a month instead of the painful Ankle Monitors.
  • DNA Paternity or Inheritance Testing to establish custody, child support, or inheritance.
  • Saliva Drug Test - drugs only stay in the saliva 12 to 24 hours. This is the best way to prove marijuana was not used or a donor impaired as there is not a test available.

Custody Cases

Custody Cases are the number one reason attorneys and judges use our services for over 20 years. Any test can be scheduled nationwide immediately in 24 hours or on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, with results reporting to many attorneys, judges, and others. Our platform sends a notification to the donor's email that includes the hours of operation and map, to one of our many collection sites nationwide. For many, divorce can be full of surprises. Court ordered attorney testing is often used in contested cases to determine custody based on the best interests of the child. Obviously, a positive test shows a parent is not acting in the child's best interest. However, the court will need evidence that a drug is needed and the process is typically initiated by a motion. But, court ordered attorney testing can radically change the outcome of a custody case proceeding.

DUI, Drug Possession Cases

All our tests are 100% SAMHSA Lab accurate, Chain of Custody form, Certified Collection Site, Bar code sealed, SAMHSA Lab Tested, and reviewed by a certified toxicologist before being released. Rely on us for testing, especially if it is within a certain time frame. Our ETG Alcohol Tests can prove a person was NOT drinking in the past 80 hours, just like our drug test can prove there were NO drugs in the hair, urine, or saliva. Unfortunately, this is not the type of test usually used in court or probation. Do not use the results of a RAPID drug test kit, as it has not been confirmed by the Gold Standard GCMS, that was set by the Department of Human Services and are not deemed accurate.

DNA Paternity or Inheritance Testing

Our test is an easy to use Saliva Cheek Swab for the child or adult that is collected by a professional certified collection site nationwide. All results are reported to the appropriate party. This test can be very important in determination of Child Support, Visitation, or Custody for the court. We offer services that can have a child tested in New York and a father in Los Angeles, and the samples are paired at the lab for testing and reported to various courts and attorneys.

Collection Sites

Our collection sites are well trained in Adulteration, ID Verification, and Sample Integrity. All donors will be required to have a picture ID, birth certificate, follow directions for collections, empty pockets, pull shirt tails, and all DOT Collection procedures are followed nationwide. If a sample is deemed adulterated, does not reach appropriate temperature, or a shy bladder situation, the donor will be asked to NOT leave the collection site, and void a SECOND sample within 2 hours of the request. Any unruly, or uncooperative donor will be reported to the court and asked to leave the site.

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