DOT Consortiums 

What Are DOT & Non DOT Consortiums?

DOT Regulations allow all owner operators and small employers with a limited numer of employees to join a group of other small employers. This allows small to medium size employers to be in a random pool with other similar companies. This is called a DOT Consortium and keeps you in compliance with the random selection requirements of CFR Part 40 of the regulations. Let ESM handle this for you. It is very simple for you to add or delete new or old employees to the database. Please send any updates in an excel format each quarter. You will be contacted each quarter for any updates of new employees and per your request old employees will be deleted from the system. Employers will know which employees were chosen or not. If you or one of your drivers is chosen during the random pull you will be notified immediately, and we will schedule the tests and possibly an alcohol test. 

Consortium Types:

DOT Consortiums

We offer DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs administration (C/TPA) services for companies regulated by Federal and State government, and we offer Drug-free programs for non-regulated employees.

Non-DOT Consortiums

Non-DOT or non-regulated employers often implement random drug and alcohol testing as a best practice. 

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