About Employee Screening Management (ESM)

Our Leader

ESM was founded by Joel W Howard, Jr after many years of working for three SAMSHA Certified Laboratories. As a Marketing Graduate from the University of Arkansas Sam Walton Business College, Mr. Howard found success in his marketing efforts for one of the first SAMHSA Labs called MedExpress National Laboratory in Memphis, TN. He found his niche and timing was everything based on the new federal drug testing regulations for drug and alcohol testing of all Department of Transportation (DOT) employees.  Mr Howard began his career as an inside sales rep at Med Express. Using Federal Express, also headquartered in Memphis, TN, brought the fastest laboratory testing solution to the country. Med Express was purchased by LabCorp/Roche Diagnostics. Just like today, turnaround time of results, collection sites, and much more played a role in the success of drug testing programs. Mr. Howard volunteered to move to Los Angeles, Kansas City, Arkansas, and Florida over the years selling Fortune 500 employers, drug courts, large trucking companies, steel mills, manufacturers, property managers, casinos, grocery stores, poultry companies, schools, attorneys, parents, and insurance agents.  Some of the accounts Mr. Howard sold and managed with thousands of locations natiowide such as: J.B. Hunt Transporation, Jacobs Engineering, Gold Kist Poultry, Kroger, American Greetings, First Security Bank, Melton Truck Lines, Landers Automotive, Bumper to Bumper, and more. In 1995, Mr. Howard was hired by a small lab in Lenexa, KS called Home Office Reference Lab, which later was renamed LabOne, Inc. Mr. Howard helped to also develop a network of blood and urine testing facilities called Exam One nationwide.  As the National Sales Manager for the drug testing division, his challenge was to have this lab become SAMHSA Certified. Mr. Howard's reputation in the business and industry knowledge paid high dividends. Over the next few years, he was able to orchestrate counter to counter delivery of samples through the airlines to even beat Fed Ex. LabOne designed the largest lab under one roof in the world in Lenexa, KS. The lab's volume skyrocketed from zero tests per day to over 25,000 samples per day, and one of the biggest success stories in the industry. LabOne was purchased by Quest Diagnostics and is still going strong.   

Our Vision

In 2000, Mr. Howard's vision was to offer much more than drug testing lab services. Employers where asking for all types of drug testing, new rapid test kits, background screens, alcohol swabs, medical cards, hair tesst for court, and collection sites all over the country. The term Third Party Administration (TPA ) was invented and ESM created one of the first companies in the US to offer employers a complete "Once Source" provider. ESM designed and develped one of the first programs in the country for schools (public and private) focused on testing students to save lives. Over 20 years of testing 100's of schools on a monthly or quarterly basis continues today. This program has taken schools with 20% positive rates down to zero, and changed thousands of lives.  

Our Customers

Drug Courts, Attorneys, Manufacturers, Steel Mills, Schools, Car Dealers with hundreds of locations and various needs nationwide.  

Our Products 

Background Screens, NON DOT Rapid Kits, Onsite Collections, Random Selection, Email Reporting, NEW "Online Scheduling Platform that sends an email to the employee and to the HR, and includes instructions to the collection site. 

Today, over 30 years later, ESM has branched into many areas:  

  • First to implement Student Drug Testing Program for schools, random testing, onsite, and train the nurse.
  • Combined Drug, Alcohol, and Background Screens.
  • Turnaround time from collection to SAMSHA Lab then Medical Review Officer Review is the best in the country. 
  • One call, one bill concept implemented in 2005.
  • Manage Program for the largest Drug Court in the US, with Mary Anne Gunn, who won an Emmy for "Last Shot with Judge Gunn" in 2011.
  • Developed a website for parents to buy SAMHSA Lab tests for testing their kids for drugs and alcohol.
  • DOT Consortium for small employers to set up random unbiased testing.
  • Finally, designed a new website for scheduling tests nationwide with an email to the driver containing a map to the collection site. 

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