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Employee Testing & Screening Management

Employee Screening Management (ESM) is part of the Howard Group Corporation.  Over the past 20 years, we have watched as the employee testing & screening management needs of our customers have continued to grow. By combining ESM's two decades of experience with the latest technology, we have expanded our products and services to reach a wide range of customers who have specific needs to screen donors in a timely manner for differing reasons. Our goal is to allow HR/Safety Managers nationwide to have instant access for scheduling a test or screen at their fingertips. Plus, our all new 2020 Platform for Employee Testing & Screening Management has a backend that is watching constantly to make sure every donor shows up, gets tested, and has a sample reported in a timely manner. Due to our highly competitive and demanding work environments, employers today cannot afford to lose productivity due to abuse or misuse of drugs or alcohol. Implementing a drug-free workplace as the standard for employment discourages a majority of illegal drug users from even bothering to apply for a job with your company and helps force some users to confront their problem sooner than later. Not only will employee testing & screening management uncover dependency issues, it will help to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all of your employees. Moreover, the results of screenings are considered protected health information. With prescription and illegal drugs abused at epidemic rates, proactive companies are taking big steps toward accurate identification of dependency problems, which ultimately may save someone's life.

Employee Screening Management

Whether it is a government entity, a school system, a transportation company, or your private business, every organization benefits from employees and supervisors adhering to a standard policy that discourages the misuse and abuse of alcohol and drugs. Read More

National Network of Collection Locations

ESM has a national network of collection locations to ensure your testing and screening needs accommodate your employee's work schedule for minimal interference to workplace productivity. Read More

100% Accurate Results

ESM provides businesses, hiring managers, HR/Safety managers and human resources departments with comprehensive, efficient employee testing and screening solutions that offer rapid turnaround and 100% accurate test results. Read More

Individual Testing & Screening Assessments

ESM understands that there are many professional needs for employee and individual testing and screening that extend far beyond drug and alcohol testing. Based on the particular industry's standards, employers often have a need for detailed examinations and analyses of both a current or potential employee's ability to perform their occupational duties and stay healthy on the job. Read More

  • Jacksonville Chamber Member
  • American Bar Association
  • Department of Transportation
  • American Trucking Association
  • National Association of Drug Court Professionals
  • Better Business Bureau
  • School Superintendents Association
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Association
  • United Steelworkers Association
ESM is your "One Source Provider" for all your screening needs nationwide. "Affordable" "Fast" "Accurate" Over 20 years in business. Call today 888-371-4615